Premium Performance Headwear

We design our hats to be great enough for everyday wear but also cool enough for action sports, fishing, hiking, and other adventures.

No matter what the weather is, Lonix Hats always have you covered with superior protection and durability.


Styled With Comfort & Protection

We believe that headwear should be versatile enough to wear for just about any occasion – whether you’re going on an adventure or simply running errands.

Lonix Hats take practicality and style into account throughout the design process. The result is a line of premium headwear that fits comfortably and protects you from the elements while still looking great.

Why Wear Lonix Hats

Our hats are designed with you in mind. We have used our years of experience to create the perfect hats for any occasion.

Whether you’re out sport fishing, gardening, backpacking, hiking, or boating, we have you covered. We’re also committed to providing affordable comfortable hats that are stylish to wear. With Lonix Hats, you never have to sacrifice style for comfort again.

Lonix Hats features:

• High-quality fabrics in a variety of colours

• High standard lock stitching for strength and durability

• Rust-free brass air vents and grommets

• Hydrofoil sweatband, a quick-drying lining for added comfort

New feature!

Keep yourself dry AND your hat clean. The Lonix line of hats now comes equipped with extra sweat protection. Additional Hydrofil sweatband material comes attached to the front and back of the hat liner. The front strips provide extra sweat absorption on the forehead, where you need it most. After use, simply detach the strips, machine wash, and use again. Prevent sweat stains, reduce wash frequency, and increase your hat's longevity.